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Initially, you have a lot of amalgam, mercury, and I had a lot of that stuff taken out. Then of course with age, you lose portions of teeth and as you lose portions of teeth they crown those. Sort of a standard thing that’s done. I had a bridge across the front and that like

everything else initially fell, broke, whatever you want to call it. And, then he came and did an implant, and then of course modeled that. I think he did a great job. This is a thousand times better than the old crown or bridge, whatever you want to call it.

I would recommend Dr. Brown, I really would. I think Dr. Brown, as I’ve said earlier, he does a very good job. He’s competent, and then when he gets to that particular place, he eases into a person who is also very competent, and that’s the key. He’s not just a buddy, he does a good job too.

Wayne Creel

When I moved to Greenville in ‘91, my dentist in Winston, Salem, gave me the name of Dr. Brown, and I started seeing him and have been here since. They’re consistent. We see the same faces when we come here, there’s not a lot of turnover. The new faces are probably 34 years old.

Everybody knows me and I know pretty much all of them. It’s just nice to come to the dentist and have that kind of relationship.

No pain. No pain at all. The worst thing is the numbing needle, and once that’s done there’s no pain at all. He’s really good with the pain part and that’s why I don’t mind coming here anymore.

I would tell them how professional the staff is, how anxious I used to be when I went to the dentist and how he has gotten me over all of that, and now it’s just a walk in the park to come here. It’s nothing that I dread anymore. He will put you at ease and take care of any issues you have.

My children come here, my wife comes here, our neighbors come here, my dad comes here. Pretty much anyone we know that has a dental issue, we recommend Dr. Brown.

Michael Smith

I have two daughters and their families, seven grandchildren, and they all come to Dr. Brown. The atmosphere and the staff, are very gracious and very kind. One of the things that really impresses me about Dr. Brown is that he always gets his patients back on time. His schedule is very technically unique, because I’ve been in other offices where you wait forever for you appointment, but they are always right on time and I have always, always appreciated that.

Dr. Brown runs a very ethical office, his staff and everyone are very upfront with you about everything, you feel very secure in knowing that he is honest in all of his dealings, with insurance, with the work he does, he doesn’t do anything more than he needs to, he gives you options as far as what’s the best, and what you can wait on. As far as the time of work he does, you can be confident that he will be honest in everything.

I believe that Dr. Brown wants to please his patients in all their dental work, and I think that is what he aims to do.

Janis Noles

I think he cares about his patients, he learns a little bit about you, or your husband; we both come here. He actually cares about you as a person. One time he was giving me a choice of two things to do for a tooth, and when he got done explaining it all, I said okay if this tooth was in your mother’s head, what would you tell her to do. And he gave me his answer, and I really appreciated that because I believe he’s very truthful.

The staff is always very respectful and kind. When you make an appointment, they see you at that time. It’s not that they’ll see you that day when they get around to it, they see you at that appointed time.

His most artful work is my five crowns, right here. He did those; and he gives the best shots around, you hardly feel them.

Selita Hoffman

I’ve seen a lot of his staff stay with him throughout the years, which is great and comforting and they get to know you, you get to know them. They’re always great. They always know what tool to hand him and the cleanings are actually pretty comfortable. I’m not comfortable in a dentist office but they make it that way.

I’ve had some emergencies in 17 years, and he has even come on days off to help me, and I don’t know many doctors that would do that. They’re on the golf course, or whatever doctors do when they’re not here. But he has an emergency call, and I’m not saying he’ll do it every time but he’s done it for me several times, which is pretty great.

Not only is he great in general dentistry, but cosmetic dentistry, he’s right up there, I think the best. Of course, there’s a lot in LA and California, and I’ve seen others work. When he suggested let’s do some veneers; he showed me other options, but it was more cost effective I think and still gave me what I needed, and that’s what I liked was that he knew what he was doing.

Gary Moore

He’s just good at what he does. If he advises something, we just take it at his word. We have a lot of confidence in him. If he refers you to somebody, it’s somebody you can really count on that’s going to give you as good of care as he does.

They’re good at what they do, they try to accommodate you as much as they can as far as if you need to move your appointment around, or if you’re looking for a cancellation they’ll call you. We’re always notified ahead of time to make sure that we know that we have an appointment.

They just seem like they’re a happy bunch of people that work here. They’re all good. It’s a friendly staff and you can count on his expertise; it’s just professional care and that’s where you would want to go.

Steve Crowe

The dentist office back in the day, you hear noises, you hear somebody crying, you hear somebody go oooh, ahhh, and then you hear a big drill going, and then you walk and sit in the dentist office and you see everything over your head; now you don’t see any of that. It makes you more comfortable; they’ve got TV’s and they talk to you more. It’s just a regular office, and they treat you like you’re at home.

He’s professional, and he’s personal at the same time. He wants to get to know you and know your family, and at the same time he wants to make sure that everything is alright with you, he wants to make sure that everything is going fine with your teeth. He asks how your day is going when you come in, and he always has a little story to tell you. He seems like he is always in a happy mood, he’s never sad about anything, and if he is he doesn’t show it. But he’s always interested in how you’re doing, how you’re teeth are doing, is everything going fine, and what he could do to make it better and how he could approach it.

Everybody is so friendly and always willing to help you, it’s a big, different setting and it easier, it makes it easier for the kids to come to the dentist office now, compared to what we had back in the day.

Donald Juan Johnson

Probably five or six years ago, I cracked a jaw tooth on a Friday evening, and the pain was terrible. My wife, being a physician, tried every way she could to numb the pain, and I got up the next morning Saturday, and it was worse.

My wife called the emergency line here at the practice, we didn’t get an answer right off the bat, but by 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Dr. Brown returned the call. He was deer hunting with his son in the middle part of the state. He said get Bud to the office and I will be there in two hours.

Because of the relationship with Bob Jones University and the practice, many, many students and faculty members and their families are patients here, and being the Christian environment that he creates here is so, so important. His staff responds in the same way, very even tempered, their phone calls, prompts to remind you of your visits and things like that, they are just so courteous and so nice. I could not recommend the practice any more highly than what it is.

Bud Stoner

His approach to the chair, very personal, sets you at ease, and then he applies whatever techniques he does to make it a comfortable experience. His personality, his care for his patients as I spoke a moment ago, compassion, all of these things are reflected at the chair and I appreciate that very much, and it’s through the whole experience that he’ll speak to you; are you okay, are you doing well, are you comfortable.

We probably couldn’t count the number of people that we have recommended to Dr. Bill’s practice over the years. We’re that confident. Our approval is up on his work, his personal work, his staff’s work, to recommend. Our children are still coming, their friends are coming, so we feel like we have somebody that we can promote as a good dentist. We really approve of Dr. Brown in the community.

Jack Samargo

I had a very, very good dentist that I hated to leave, and it was really one of my biggest concerns about moving to a new area. But after my first visit with Dr. Brown, I knew that that problem was solved.

I thought that it might be a little expensive, but then as we got into the effort, I found out how much effort was required, and all in all I considered it a bargain. And to repeat myself, it was one of the best things I have ever done, including the cost of procedure.

Dr. Brown recommended an implant, and I took him up; we went through the procedure, he explained it to me, and I decided to do it. I’ve had it now for almost a month, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I no longer have to live with the inconvenience of taking it out, sometimes even in a restaurant, to eat. I really enjoy the implant, and it was painless.

Jim Smith

I know one of the keys is to have a dentist I can trust. When I left Manhattan, Kansas, I was very comfortable with the dentist I had there. I knew that all of the work that he did, it was well, I paid and I got my money’s worth. For whatever I paid, it was well worth it. And that’s what I was looking for here, a dentist that when I paid, that it was going to be well worth it and that I could tell that the money I paid, the work that he did, was genuine. I wasn’t going to have to go and get a second opinion, or I wasn’t going to have more severe problems, or I wasn’t going to leave here worse than when I came here. And with Dr. Brown, that’s what I found. Someone that was knowledgable, that when I talk about my teeth, I have some knowledgeable background about the oral cavity because of my profession, and it was neat to be able to talk to him about something that I had a little bit of knowledge about, and know that he was competent and know that everything he charges me for, that I get quality care.

When you’re looking for a health care provider, it’s good to know that they have credentials but it’s also good to know that they are a very personable person. Someone you can talk with, someone that you don’t feel like they’re too busy, because they’re preoccupied, they’re looking at their watch, they’re thinking about somebody else or just thinking about what they’re going to do later on. No, Dr. Brown gives you his undivided attention and I think that’s what each person wants. And I think as a health care provider, that that is remarkable, to have someone that gives you their undivided attention and you know that they genuinely care.

Marlene Reed